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Please have respect & empathy for each other! A little kindness will go a long way.

Terms of Use

All visitors and users of DestinyLFG.net agree to the following Terms of Use when visiting or using this site:

  • All users of the site use it at their own risk.
  • All users agree to only use DestinyLFG.net for group-finding in "Destiny" the video game.
  • All users agree that DestinyLFG.net is not responsible or accountable for any activities and/or actions that occur outside of the site.
  • All users agree to the DestinyLFG.net Privacy Policy.
  • All users will only list their own individual PSN ID or Xbox Live Gamertag.

All users will adhere to the following rules when messaging/posting/commenting or performing any action on DestinyLFG.net:

  • DestinyLFG.net does not condone harassment or abuse of any kind to other users or individuals, directly or indirectly.
  • No user will be allowed to solicit for money, promote the selling of, or request donations for any services/items of any kind.
  • No user will be allowed to offer or request to play on another user's account.
  • No user will "spam" or list posts that are not relevant and/or do not follow these guidelines.
  • No user will offer or request money, or any currency, for any reason.
  • All users will abide by the same Code of Conduct rules provided by Sony Entertainment Network and Xbox Live.
  • All users agree that the site may IP ban any user for any reason whatsoever.


    • Do not use derogatory/inappropriate/racist/lewd/indecent/salacious language.
    • Do not attempt to buy, sell, or solicit services of any kind; including donations or anything else.
    • Do not harass or impersonate other users.
    • Do not spam or advertise nonsense.

    How to Claim Your Gamertag

    1. Click "Edit"

    2. Click "Claim Gamertag" & follow instructions. Email admin@destinylfg.net for assistance with this.


    How to use this site

    Saving Your Gamertag

    1. Choose your platform
    2. Enter Your Gamertag
    3. Select your primary character
    4. Click "Save guardian"
    5. If you want to change your primary character, click "Edit guardian"


    1. Choose your platform
    2. Enter Your Gamertag
    3. Click "Claim gamertag"
    4. Follow the instructions on screen, then click verifiy
    5. To reset your password, click "Reclaim"

    Listing your Guardian

    1. Choose your platform
    2. Choose an activity
    3. Add notes (optional)
    4. LFG
      • Click "List guardian" to list yourself; works exactly the same as the original destinylfg.net
      • Click "Auto-match group" to automatically be matched with another person
    5. LFM
      • Designate how many members you're looking for
      • Designate the minimum level a player needs to be to join you (optional)
      • Click "List group"

    Reporting Users